Lesson 8- Formation of Volcano

I. Learning Objective:     

1. Describe how a volcano is formed.     

2. Show appreciation on the formation of volcanoes.     

3. Draw a volcano.

II. Concept/Terminologies:      Volcano

III. References:     

1. Into the Future: Science & Health 6

IV. Review of Related Lessons:

V. Lecture Presentation:     

1. Motivational Question:         

What famous volcanoes do you know? what makes this volcano famous? 

                 taal v.jpg                mayon.jpg     

2. Presenation:     

     Look at these pictures:

How are volcanoes made up of? today we're going to study how volcanoes are formed?     

                       volcano 21.jpg                    volcano 11.jpg      

     3. Summary:          

a. What is a volcano?          

b. What is it made up of?          

c. what happens underneath the earth's surface before the volcano is formed?          

d. What makes it erupt?          

e. What causes the magma to rise?          

f. How is volcano formed?          

g. What is the importance of volcanic formation? How does it help us?

VI. Learning Activities:      Log on to www.windows.ucar.edu/tour/link=/earth/interior/volcano_formationhtml/ and www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/volcano

VII. Evaluation:

VIII. Assignment:


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