Lesson 7- Earthquake

I. Learning Objectives:     

1. How an earthquake occur?     

2. Differentiate volcanic earthquake from tectonic earthquake

II. Concent/Terminologies:     

1. earthquake- shaking and trembling of the earth's crust.     

2. volcanic earthquake- caused by the eruption of volcano     

3. tectonic earthquake- caused by the movement of earth crust.

III. References:     

1. Into the Future: Science & Health 6, pp. 197-198

IV. Review of Related Lessons:     

Identify the plate boundaries.

V. Lecture Presentation:       

1. Motivational Question:   

Study these pictures:   

          earthquake 5.jpg             focus 2.jpg       

2.Presenation: Log on to  www.wikipedia.org/wiki/earthquake and www.geo.mtu.edu.  

3. Summary:     

a. What are/is earthquake? Give another name for it.     

b. Differentiate the types of earthquake.     

c. What theory explains tectonic earthquake?     

d. How do we expain this theory?     

e. Explain how volcanic earthquake occurs.     

f. when do volcanic earthquake occur?      

g. Give other causes of earthquake.     

h. A newscaster reported that Mount Bulusan is showing a signs of volcanic activities. Is there a possibility that earthquake will occur and be felt in nearby towns in Sorsogon? Support your answer.

VI. Learning Activities:      For more Learning Activities Log on to www.seismo.unr.edu

VII. Evaluation:      Log on to www.crustal.ucsb.edu/ics/outreach/understanding/quiz

VIII.Assignment: For your assignment log on to www.fiu.edu/~smiral/erthqkqz.htm


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