Lesson 5- Food Chain

I. Learning Objectives:

     1. Construct food chain to illustrate feeding relationship.

     2. Interpret the meaning of food chain

II. Concept/ Terminologies:

     Food Chain- is the transfer of energy from plants to animals, and eventually decomposers. In the process of taking in food, consumers maybe classified as first, second, third fourth and higher.

III. References:

     1. Into the Future: Science and Health 6, pp. 58-63

     2. Science for Daily Use 6, pp. 34-36

IV. Review of Related Lesson

     Identify the living and non-living things in the picture.

                              ecosystem 1.jpg

V. Lecture Presentation:

     1. Motivational Question:

          What is the only living things that can produce food? Where do plants get the energy? What other things are needed by plants in food making process? How about man and animals, where do they depend for food?

     2. Presentation:

         Today we're going to find out the feeding relationship among organisms.

                               food chain 3.jpg

3. Summary:

     a. What is the existing feeding relationship among plants, animals and other organism?

     b. Why is the relationship called food chain?

     c. Who is the producer?

     d. Why a plant is called producer?

     e. Do plants depend on other organism for food?

     f. Who are the consumers?

     g. Why man and animals are called comsumers?

     h. In a food chain, can the eater be eaten by other organisms?

     i. In the same way, what organism get most energy? Why?

     j. What is the importance of Food Chain?

     k. Illustrate a food chain using these organism- cat, bird, palay grain & grasshopper.

VI. Learning Activities:

      For Learning Activities Log on to www.volweb.utk.edu/schools/bedford/thomas/foodchain and


VII. Evaluation:

     Explain the Food Chain below.

                                   food chain 2.jpg

     Log on www.prongo.com.quiz/station.

 VIII. Assignment:

     Make your own Food Chain.


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