Lesson 3- The Blood Cells

I. Learning Objective:

      1. Describe the blood.

      2. Tell the function of the blood

      3. Show proper care for the blood

II. Concept/Terminologies:

      1. Blood Cells- cells that flows in our body

       a. RBC- responsible for carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide.
       b. WBC- fight germs that enter in our body. 
       c. platelets- responsible for blood clotting.
       d. plasma-liquid portion of our blood

III. References:

   1. Science for Daily Use, pp. 6-7

   2. Into the Future: Science & Health, pp. 11-16

IV. Review of Related Lessons:

          What is heart? What are the parts of the heart?

V. Lecture  Presentation:

   1. Motivational Question:

     a. Which is the red river of life? Why is it called as such?

     b. What is the blood made of?

  2 .Presentation:

     Examine the picture of blood.

                               blood cells 1.jpg  

Identify the cells and differentiate each other.

Blood Cells                 1229098668.jpg

Red Blood Cells
Red Blood Cells are responsible for carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide. Red Blood Cells pick up oxygen in the lungs and transport it to all the body cells. After delivering the oxygen to the cells it gathers up the carbon dioxide(a waste gas produced as our cells are working) and transports carbon dioxide back to the lungs where it is removed from the body when we exhale(breath out). There are about 5,000,000 Red Blood Cells in ONE drop of blood.


White Blood Cells (Germinators)
White Blood Cells help the body fight off germs. White Blood Cells attack and destroy germs when they enter the body. When you have an infection your body will produce more White Blood Cells to help fight an infection. Sometimes our White Blood Cells need a little help and the Doctor will prescribe an antibiotic to help our White Blood Cells fight a large scale infection.



Platelets are blood cells that help stop bleeding. When we cut ourselves we have broken a blood vessel and the blood leaks out. In order to plug up the holes where the blood is leaking from the platelets start to stick to the opening of the damaged blood vessels. As the platelets stick to the opening of the damaged vessel they attract more platelets, fibers and other blood cells to help form a plug to seal the broken blood vessel. When the platelet plug is completely formed the wound stops bleeding. We call our platelet plugs scabs.


Plasma is the liquid part of the blood. Approximately half of your blood is made of plasma. The plasma carries the blood cells and other components throughout the body. Plasma is made in the liver.

Where are the blood cells made?
The Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets are made by the bone marrow. Bone marrow is a soft tissue inside of our bones that produces blood cells.

3. Summary:

     a. What is the red river of life?

   b. What are the three kinds of blood cells? 

   c. What are the function of each?

   d. Why is blood called the red river of life?

   e. What will happen to a person if he/she suffers profuse bleeding?

   f. What should we do in order to maintain good blood circulation?

VI. Learning activies:

     For more learning activities log on to www.wps.aw.com/bc_mariel_ehap and www.auth.mbhe.com/cgi_bin/netquiz

VII. Evaluation:

      Log on to www.prongo.com/qiuzstation.

VIII. Assignment:

          For your assignment log on to www.wps.aw.com/bc_mariel 

     Chapter 10, Quiz 1&2.


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    Lesson 3- The Blood Cells | Science

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