Function of the Circulatory System


I. Objectives: 

     Describe the function of each part (PELC 1.2)

     Describe the heart (PELC 1. 2 Subtask)

     Show proper concern about the healthuness of the heart

     Work cooperatively  and attentively

II. Subject Matter- The Heart

     A. References

       Into the Future: Science and Health VI, pp6-9

       Science for Daily Use VI, pp 5-6

     B. Concept:

       The heart is a hollow and tough muscle organ, located slightly the left of the chest.

       It is divided into two upper chambers( left and right atria0 and two lower chambers (left and right ventricles.)

     C. Values:

       Cooperation, teamwork,awareness on the heatlthiness of the heart.

     D. Processes:

       Observing, inferring, describing, communicating, experimenting

     E. Materials:

       strips of paper with written questions place in a box

      picture or chart of the heart

     heart of a chicken, pig or cow

 III. Procedure

     A. Preparatory Activities:

       1. Check up all assignment or homework ( see previous lesson.)

       2. Recall

          Questions written on strips of paper to be picked up from the box.

     B. Lesson Proper

       1. Motivation

          Feel your heart. What does your heart do for you? what do you think is the size of the Heart?

        2. Presentation ( Free Exploration)

          Let us recall the precautionary measures in doing activities. ( See the Activity Sheet at the end of the lesson plan)

       3. Comparison and abstraction

          Can you name the structure found inside the heart?

          What kind of organ is the heart?

          What are the parts present in the heart of other parts of the body?

          What parts connect the heart to the other parts of the body?

         Can you describe the difference of each parts?

         Why is the ventricle thicker than the atrium?

          What does the heart pump? Why is it important?

      4. Generalization

       What are the parts of the heart? What is the function of each part?

     5. Application

       Can you live without the heart? Why?

IV. Evaluation:

     Use Rubrics

V. Assignment:

      Draw the heart and label its parts.


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